Aviation Venture Capital

Aviation is a most interesting topic for venture capitalists. The aviation industry has become an integral part of today’s world, but it is also in serious trouble. Where there is serious trouble in an industry, there is opportunity and a need for venture capital.

At first glance, the aviation industry has become so well established in such a short time that it would seem the potential for great profit is past. Great fortunes were made by the pioneers of the aviation industry in the middle of the last century. Even the aerospace industry produced great investment opportunities during the race to the moon. Is opportunity in aviation a thing of the past? Is it a viable source of venture capital opportunity?

Some major venture capital investment funds think the answer is a resounding affirmative. The aviation industry is in serious trouble in almost every one of it’s traditional sectors. Aircraft makers must depend on large government subsidy to keep going, and the major airlines consistently post large losses. Yet, it is just this situation that opens the door for opportunity. One fact is certain. We will never abandon aviation and return to the ground. The economy of the world is tied to aviation and increasing globalization is making this even more true each day.visit this link for more information.

Solutions must be found and new technology developed to keep aviation moving forward. Every area presents opportunities today. Aircraft development and construction is one area. It is very possible that the aerospace industry is just taking a short rest, and that space exploration will again reach the level of the moon flight era. Even management of aviation facilities and increased security for the domestic airline industry has created opportunities.

Venture Capital

One major area that receiving attention is the helicopter sector of aviation. Growth companies offering helicopter ambulance and transportation services have been financed recently by major venture capital investments. Anyone familiar with the science fiction genre has the vision of aerial transport having largely replaced ground transport in the cities of the future. These types of visions represent the collective desire of mankind. The day will come when the aviation industry, as it exists today, will seem as primitive to our descendants as the Wright brothers plane does to us.

This is the stuff that venture capital dreams are made of. Aviation is not a done deal in a technological sense, and the demands for answers to its current problems create investment opportunities that might very well be unmatched in any other sector. It is the poor record of aviation recently that has moved it from a mainstream investment to a venture capital opportunity.