How To Choose The Perfect Stock Analysis Software

Stock analysis software

Stock analysis software is a program that aids you to organize and be in command of the amount of money that you have put in the stock market. With the unbelievable advances that have occurred in the field of technology, stock analysis software is one of the most recent tools that have come forward to ensure that you make huge profits and do not become a victim of unwanted losses.

Today, there are umpteen kinds of stock analysis programs that are in vogue and will cost you quite a tidy sum. So make sure that you buy one that is ideal to suit your requirements. Given below are some points to keep in kind while selecting the perfect stock analysis software.

Number of charts

Primarily you have to check out the number of chart types that have been included in the stock analyzer that you purposeto purchase. The more costly the software you intend to buy, the more the numbers of chart options you will get. The most popular kinds of chartsare mentioned below.

Line Chart – This is the fundamental chart which has just a single point plot of the securities price.

Bar chart – This kind of chart includes a plot of every price unit like open, high, low and close for each and every period.

Candlestick chart – It makes use of all four price points.

Continuous support from the provider

Some companies sell you a software and disappear in the thin air. You may need help perhaps with fixing bugs or understanding certain market signals. Without anyone to help, the program is not useful at all. Therefore, when looking for the best stock analyzer, confirm if the company has a team of traders and programmers that will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Database type

Another main thing to check out is the type of database the stock analyzer uses. It is extremely important that the database be strong and have excellent support so that the data transmitted to you is secure and under no risk. Settle for a small and reasonably priced database. The best stock analyzer should have a database that can store records for the previous five years. The records will come in handy when comparing data so you can make accurate predictions.

Free trial is not negotiable

How exactly are you supposed to know something will serve you better without field testing? When it comes to software programs, free trials must be offered. However, only a few features will be usable; the rest can only be unlocked when you request for the full package.

Also, ascertain that the software program permits you to revise the data manually and uses the language you easily understand.


Using stock analysis software provides you, the average trader with an opportunity to rake in as many dollars as you can. Professional traders elsewhere are using the same advanced programs to improve their fortunes. This should mark the end of asking for a friend orneighbor’s opinion. No more plain guesswork.