Top 10 Best Stock Market Analysis Software

Are you looking for a good stock analysis software package? These are handy little tools which allow you to keep up with activities occurring in the market as well as read news and information regarding the stock market. There are an awful lot of these types of software however, not all of them are created equally. You must learn to discriminate between them before you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you. Read on and find about some of the best:

• MetaStock End of Day Version 11: This for windows and suited to short term traders who want to conduct analysis after closing time. This asks for a fifty dollar monthly subscription buy with a thirty pounds monthly guarantee.

• TradeMONSTER Online Stock Trading Tool: This run on Internet Explorer and Firefox. It features removable windows for multiple displays. You can connect it with Twitter and for mobile application. There are also information available. There is a free brokerage account.

• TradeStation 8.8: This works on Windows and Internet Explorer. It can provide twenty performance data reports and historical date for equities. Options, futures eurex and forex.

• PennyLane Reports Peen Stock Investor Tools: This runs on all browsers and operations systems with resizeable and movable widgets. It updates the user on stocks constantly and an account is free.

• Profit Source: This stock analysis software offers trading tools and features including charts and data with a number of technical indicators for moving averages.

• ESignal 2013: This package offers chart analysis and trade strategy back testing. You have a lot of technical indicators and studies as well as customisable drawing modules.

• VectorVest 2013: This offers a portfolio managers with a lot of good features, however it lacks below the rest in its technical indicators.

• Stock Screeners: Allows you to easily scroll through stock symbols as well as to save exchanges, index, sector and sub sector data to your system. It is a good system for fundamental, valuation, performance, technical, price and volume data.

• Streaming Quotes: This allows swift updates on prices and volume as well as real time quote data. It is highly customisable allowing you to make unique trades.

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• Watch Lists: Good for those wanting to constantly keep an eye on stocks. You can them to watch lists to get continual updates for stock analysis.

If you think buying software is your preferred method of keeping up to date with your stocks, then you will want to give some of the above mentioned packages some serious thought. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to you to discriminate among them to suit your own unique purposes. They are very good tools for stock analysis.