Top 10 Stock Analysis Software Review

Are you an enthusiast for stock trading? You probably want a good method of stock analysis then. In order to help you on your trading adventure, we have compiled a list of reviews relating to some of the more common stock analysis software packages. Not all of these are the same so you will need to have your discriminating eye ready to make a decision about which one suits your needs. Read on and find out more.

• Telechart 2000: This software is compatible on almost any device. It works on a PC as well as most mobile devices. It is extremely cheap however it does not cover data outside of the US and Canada. You can see your portfolio using the software. It layers fundamentals very well and provides a lot of news. It also provides a comprehensive technical analysis package and it is easy to use.

• TradeStation: This software covers data all over the world at a cheap rate. It offers charts P and L, analysis and automated trading. It also offers options for flexibility of display. It also offers a lot of news and technical analysis.

• Esignial: Cheap and comprehensive with a lot of colourful charts and a formidable set of features and displays.

• MetaStock: Very good stock analysis package with data being provided all over the world, however it is lacking on the fundamental scanning and screening side of things.

• EquityFeed:Quite cheap with it scoring highly in all aspects except for technical analysis which lacks power and versatility.

• NinjaTrader: Very cheap although it is absolutely dreadful at fundamental scanning and screening, almost not featuring in the package at all.

• ProfitSource: This offers high quality features in all aspects of analysis however it is only applicable in the Australias time this post for more detailed information.

• Echarter: This is an Indian system which has received good reviews because of its displays and data but it is only applicable in India.

• VectorVest: You scan this software using risk and value. It is moderately reviewed by bothers but it comes with good reviews but a very high price.

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• Elmwoord Data: It is not exactly geared up for regular use as a tool for stock analysis so a different option is advised.

That is the list of the very best in stock analysis software on the market today. If you are a person who is really serious about improving your success on the stock market, we recommend getting one of these. Make sure to consider each of their separate features before you go about making up your mind. You need to be able to clearly understand your own activities on the market to know which stock analysis package will benefit you the most in purpose and budget.